Muharram: The Day of Ashura


“May Almighty God reward you on the massacre of Imam Husayn and make us all demanding his way with the Mahdi.”

- Imam Baqir says that on this day, the followers of Imam Husayn should offer condolences

Imam Husayn's call to the enemy:

“Praises to God and the Messenger of God, and all His angels. O, people! Fear God and be afraid of this world. No one would live in this world forever. If there were someone who could live forever, the Prophets would deserve that more than anyone. But all of them died. Everything of this world goes in vain. Be fearful of God in order to be successful.

O people! God has created this world so that it may be destroyed. The deceived person is the one who is deceived by this world. You are gathered here for a matter, which is not right. If you do what you do, you will bring the anger of God upon you. You believed in God and the Messenger of God, then you try to kill the children of His Messenger.

O, people! Tell me who I am, then look at yourselves and see. Is it allowed for you to kill me and dishonor my family? Am I not the son of the daughter of your Prophet? Am I not the son of his cousin, the first believer in God? Is Hamzah, leader of the martyrs, not the uncle of my father? Is Ja?far al-Tayyar not my uncle? Have you not heard the saying of the Messenger of God, when he said to my brother and me, ‘These two are the masters of the youth of heaven?’

If you say it is, which is true, and I have not lied since I realized that God does not like the liars. If you say you have not heard, if you think I am a liar, then ask those who are among you who have heard it.”


Is there anyone who will come to assist us ?
Is there anyone who will respond to our call for aid ?
He turned direction and repeated the call. He did this four times.

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Title: Karbala and Ashura: Chapter 6 - At Karbala’

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