The Life of Lady Zainab (Peace be on her)


Zainab's (as) history itself speaks of her honorable life, and noble traits, as well as the miseries she encountered during her childhood, such as the death of her great grandfather, the martyrdom of her mother (sa), and the various inflictions which she lived through during the quarter of a century that her father, Imam 'Ali (as), was confined to his house as a result of his rights having been usurped by others.

Moreover, when Zainab emigrated from Medina to Kufa, her Father's city, several misfortunes were destined for her; starting with the martyrdom of Imam 'Ali (as). This was followed by fierce battles between her brother, Al-Hasan (as), and Mu'awiya, which resulted in the poisoning of the Imam Hasan (as). After several years, Zainab faced the greatest disaster of history when Imam Husayn (as) along with the prominent Hashimite men were massacred at Karbala by the Umayyads. After massacring the men, Zainab (as), and the women were taken to Syria; but, she did not panic, nor, did she give into the enemy. From Syria she was sent to Medina, and then exiled to Egypt to live the rest of her life.

Zainab's (as) tomb is well-known in Egypt today, and is visited by believers from all over the world. (There is disagreement about the location of Zainab's tomb; it is believed by most to be located in Syria.) (compiler's note)

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Title: Fatima The Gracious: The Birth of Lady Zainab (as)

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