The First Infallible: The Holy Prophet Of Islam, Muhammad Ibn `Abdullah
(Peace be on him and his progeny)


Name: Muhammad.
Title: al-Mustafa.
Agnomen: Abu'l-Qasim.
Father's name: Abdullah ibn Abdi'1-Muttalib.
Mother's name: Aminah bint Wahb.
Birth: Born in Mecca on Friday, 17th Rabiu'l-awwal, in the Year of Elephant.
Death: Died at the age of 63 in Medina on Monday, 28th Safar, 11 AH;
     buried in his apartment adjoining the mosque, in Medina.

The Holy Prophet said: �The first thing God created was my nur (light).�

The oldest and noblest tribe in the whole of Arabia was Banu Hashim. They were the descendants of Ibrahim through his son Isma'il. The Arabs respected and loved them for their goodness, knowledge and bravery.

In Mecca, baby boy Muhammad was born on 17th Rabi�ul-awwal, 570 AD. His father `Abdullah, son of 'Abdu1-Muttalib, died before he was born and when he was six, he lost his loving mother Aminah bint Wahb.

His grandfather, `Abdu1-Muttalib, took the responsibility of bringing up the orphan. At the age of ten, he was berefted of his venerable grandfather. On his deathbed, he appointed his son Abu Talib as the guardian of Muhammad.

Gentle, soft spoken, tall and handsome boy, Muhammad, accompanied the trading caravans of Abu Talib, across the deserts, giving him deep insight into nature and man.

In his youth, Muhammad participated in Hilf (Confederation of) al-Fudul for helping the widows and orphans and protecting the oppressed.

Some of the Ahadith of the Holy Prophet

The Apostle of Allah was the handsomest of men and the most liberal and the bravest. He said:

* Convey to others no words of mine save, those you know for a certainty.
* Whosoever ascribes doctrines or precepts to me, and they are not mine, the same shall go to hell.

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