The Eighth Imam: `Ali Ibn Musa Ar-Rida (Peace be on him)


Name: `Ali.
Title: ar-Rida.
Agnomen: Abu 'l-Hasan.
Father's name: Musa al-Kazim.
Mother's name: Ummu'l-Banin Najmah.
Birth: In Medina, on Thursday, 11th Dhu'l-qi'dah 148A H.
Death: Died at the age of 55, in Mashhad (Khurasan), on Tuesday, 17th Safar 203 AH;
     poisoned by al-Ma'mun, the Abbasid caliph; buried in Mashhad, Iran.

Imam Ali ar-Rida was brought up under the holy guidance of his father for thirty-five years. His own insight and brilliance in religious matters combined with the excellent training and education given by his father made him unique in his spiritual leadership. Imam ar-Rida was a living example of the piety of the great Prophet and the chivalry and generosity of Imam `Ali ibn Abi Talib.

al-Imam ar-Rida, peace be on him, said:

* Doing seven things without doing the seven other things is self-mockery: asking for forgiveness from Allah verbally without repenting with the heart; asking for Allah's help without undertaking any effort; making a firm resolution to do something without taking due precautions; asking Allah for Paradise without enduring the related hardships; beseeching deliverance from the Hell-fire without refraining from lusts; remembering Allah without anticipating to encounter Him.

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