After Karbala: Later


“These actions taken against the Imam were not done to any nation in the world. Using all cheap means possible, such as killing by sword, spearing, catapults, and running the horses on the bodies of the victims.”

After the massacre at Karbala’, ‘Umar Ibn Sa’d, the leader of the army, asked the governor, Ibn Ziyad, for the written promise to make him governor of the city of Ray. Ibn Ziyad said he lost it.

One year after the death of Yazid, Mukhtar revolted against Ibn Ziyad and killed all those who participated in killing Imam Husayn, such as Harmalah ibn Kahil, Shimr ibn dhil-Jawshan, and eighteen thousand others who participated in the massacre at Karbala’. Mukhtar ordered then to be killed by cruel and unusual methods of painful torture and death.

Mukhtar did not kill ‘Umar Ibn Sa’d, but he ordered the women of the city to sit by the door of his house and cry and wail every night. They did this, and after some time, he became crazy.


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