The Ninth Imam: Muhammad Ibn Ali Al-Jawad (At-Taqi) (Peace be on him)


Name: Muhammad.
Title: al-Jawad or at-Taqi.
Agnomen: Abu Ja'far.
Father's name: `Ali ar-Rida.
Mother's name: Sabikah (or Khayzuran).
Birth: In Medina, on Friday, 10th Rajab 195 AH.
Death: Died at the age of 25, in al-Kazimiyyah on Wednesday, 29th Dhu’l-qi’dah 220 AH,
     poisoned by Mu'tasim, the `Abbasid caliph; buried in al-Kazimiyyah, Baghdad.

Imam Muhammad al-Jawad (or at-Taqi) is the Ninth Apostolic Imam. His epithet was Abu Ja'far and his famous titles were al-Jawad and at-Taqi. Since Imam Muhammad al-Baqir, the Fifth Imam was called Abu Ja’far; historians have mentioned this Imam as Abu Ja'far the Second.

al-Imam al-Jawad, peace be on him, said:

* The trust in Allah is the price of everything that is precious and the ladder to every goal which is high and sublime.

* One who follows his desires, concedes to the wishes of his enemy.

* Do not be an apparent friend of Allah in open and a secret enemy of His in private.

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